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The Home Page of Amateur Radio Operator W1AN
Calculate Your Repeater System Effective Radiated Power with W1AN's Calculator
01: Enter Transmitter Watts Output Power to the Duplexer.
02: Enter Manufacturers Duplexer Loss in db.
Enter 0 if you don't have a duplexer
03: Calculated Duplexer Power Loss in Watts.
04: Enter Manufacturers cable loss in db per 100 feet.
05: Enter Length of Feedline in feet.
06: Calculated feedline loss in db.
07: Calculated Power loss in feedline in watts.
08: Total watts lost.
09: Power to the Antenna.
10: Enter Antenna Gain in dBd (over dipole).
11: ERP Calculated Effective Radiated Power in watts.
12: Duplexer db loss Calculated.
13: Enter Receiver Sensitivity at Receiver in microvolts.
14: Calculated Receiver Sensitivity at Antenna input on Tower in microvolts.
15: Clear form