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The Home Page of Amateur Radio Operator W1AN

I was licensed as a teenager in 1964 as WN2PAZ/WB2PAZ and still going at it. Nearly 60 years. In 1970 I earned a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering (now part of NJIT). After 10 years in radio communications and 30 years in the chemical industry as project engineer doing plant building, process control, automation, motor controls, power distribution and instrumentation design I retired in 2009 and now take on some part time electrical contractor work. Ham radio, tower and house projects are always on my daily schedule. Interests include weak signal VHF/UHF, HF contesting and station building. My home HF operation is a capable M2 contest station with 110, 90, and 70 foot towers and multiple yagis. Primarily used in RTTY and CW contests.

I also am sysop for the All Spots Reverse Beacon Network W1DX Packet Cluster telnet node telnet: live since 2002. I took this on as a linux learning project. I now have the packet cluster running in the cloud.

My modest and neglected VHF/UHF station setup for 6M, 2M, 220, 432 and 1296 is in my 8'x12' cluttered shack at the base of my 110 foot tower.

My147.060 and 222.140 repeaters are in Salem, CT. Sharing the shack there are an APRS node, a 440 D-Star repeater and a remote HF station. My 145.390 and 224.38 repeaters are in Ledyard sharing my VHF shack.

One current project is restoring vintage teletype equipment. Model 15s and 19s. I enjoy the noise, the creativity, and ingenuity of the past! Always looking for parts and knowledge. Lots to learn.

All for now...

73, John W1AN